Imprint Education

In order to help you understand the various processes by which your items are customized, we have created this reference guide

Jacquard Woven (Ties & Bowties)

Not to be confused with embroidery…..this process is where we interweave colored threads/yarns on a weaving loom to create a custom fabric exclusively for you at the time of your order, as per your approved design. There is no embellishment on top of already existing goods, the stripes/logo/pattern are woven directly into the fabric. PMS matching available for most colors. Limitations – 4-5 colors max, no gradient colors or blends, small text/detail may need to be enlarged or omitted. Turn time is approximately 6-8 weeks including pre-pro sample.

Wet-dye Textile Print (Ties, Bowties & Scarves)

Not to be confused with screen print…..this process is the traditional and higher quality method of production for printed ties and scarves, we start by preparing color screens which are used to dye the design directly into the raw goods. Wet dye printing allows for maximum bleed and penetration of the design through the fabric and to the reverse side. PMS matching guaranteed, any color! The fabric is then sent for finishing which locks in the colors and softens the material. Limitations – 6-8 colors max, no gradient colors or blends, small text/detail may need to be enlarged or omitted to prevent bleeding or to improve clarity. Turn time is approximately 6-8 weeks including pre-pro sample.

Digital Print (Ties, Bowties, Scarves, and many other products)

This method of customization is where the design is printed onto the fabric, not dyed into the goods as performed during the wet-dye print. With the digital print there is no limit to the number of colors in the design, we are able to achieve gradient colors, and high resolution graphics. The quick turn time and low minimum allowed by using this process is what has made this a popular choice among many customers! We are able to match or come close to most PMS colors with this option. Recommended for printing on Silk fabrics. Limitations – there is less bleed to the reverse side of the scarves using this method, Polyester fabrics are naturally heavier so we suggest Silk fabrics be used whenever possible. Turn time is 4-5 weeks including sample.


Laser Engraving (Bamboo Items, Leatherette, Leather, Acrylic, Wood, Metal, and much more)

The laser process is when we etch your logo or tagline into one of our approved items by use of a laser. The laser will burn the design into the material providing a natural, subtle, and high quality appeal to your product. Perfect for small and large runs, monogramming, and materials that are washed/cleaned frequently. Long lasting….will not peel, crack, rub off or fade!


Sublimation (Select Acrylic, Metal, and Plastic)

The sublimation process is when heat is used to transfer dye to specific materials by converting solid ink to a gaseous state, completely bypassing liquid form. Depending on the substrate this process allows for crisp, clear image and vibrant colors.


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